Houseboat Journey, Alappuzha, Kerla, India


Houseboats of Kerala are slow-moving and huge barges, which during earlier times, were used to transport rice and spices. The houseboats are made of bamboo poles and coconut fibres. The main wood used is ‘Anjili’.

The latest models of Houseboats are designed for the convenience of the tourists and equipped with modern facilities. Houseboats, especially those in the district of Alappuzha has been the mainstay of the Kerala Tourism Industry and has subsequently led to Kerala being placed among the ’50 destinations of a lifetime’ by the National Geographic Channel. The Crew of a Kettuvallam consists of two oarsmen and a cook. The traditional ‘Kuttanadan’ recipe served  in these houseboats has been well received by international tourists.

A slow cruise among the peaceful and beautiful backwaters is an exhilarating experience. Indeed these houseboats have become a mascot of Kerala Tourism.